Information about apartments - Rental housing in Novorossiysk.

About Us

Deciding to spend your weekend, vacation or come on a business trip to Novorossiysk - the third largest city in the Krasnodar Territory, which contains many interesting places and attractions, you should first of all decide where to stay for the night.

It's no secret that a person who has come to a foreign city for a couple of days or longer for a long time, it is difficult to feel at home in a hotel or hotel.

About Apartments

Apartments Milfey will help you find comfortable accommodations in which you will experience freedom and comfort.

You will not be disturbed by strangers, and you can  spend time as planned.

The main advantage of rented housing is convenience. It is above all appreciated by our customers.

Using the service of a daily or long-term apartment rental from Apartments Milfey, you get everything you need for a pleasant stay. Comfortable furniture, a neat kitchen and modern appliances will make you feel at home. There is a feeling of home in the Millefeuille Apartments. The apartments are fully prepared for living and equipped with everything necessary, including dishes and towels.

All the interiors are made in a modern laconic style, which makes it possible to easily adapt the interior to yourself.

It is safe to rent an apartment & nbsp; in Mildefeo Apartments, because all the entrances are equipped with intercoms, there are parking lots nearby where you can park your car.

Renting an apartment & nbsp; in Apartments MILFEY is profitable. At the disposal of the guests the whole apartment will arrive, and no matter how many people will live there. You do not have to pay extra for the extra seats. The apartments are suitable for a single guest and a family with children. In addition, friends can visit you at night and in the afternoon, because there are no restrictions. You can easily organize a business meeting, a romantic dinner or just a comfortable rest.

There is no need to show and prove the advantages of the apartments.

That is why the visiting card of the MILFEI Apartments is the comfort and freedom of the guests.

And if to add to this also a high level of security, as well as confidentiality, then no one else doubts that it is better to settle in separate apartments from the Apartment Milfey than the hotel. This accommodation is comfortable, convenient and profitable for the price.

To rent apartments for a day or more in Novorossiysk, you can not browse through the piles of newspapers with ads on renting and do not view the numerous Internet sites. It is enough to choose the apartments you like and book them, or you can contact the specialists of Milfei Apartments. We will solve any problem connected with renting an apartment in Novorossiysk.

Cooperating with professionals, you protect yourself from all sorts of frustrations and clashes with scammers.

When you rent a house in Milfei Apartments, you get a wonderful apartment, equipped with everything that you can need for comfort.

About the team

Apartments Milfey is a team of professionals that provides a decent range of offers. We can not just rent apartments in Novorossiysk, we guarantee comfort, convenience, security and reasonable prices. We will choose a place for temporary residence for any client with any financial capabilities.

If you need to rent an apartment, contact only professionals. Do not pay attention to cooperation with individuals. Such "businessmen" who often wait for customers at railway stations, offer accommodation at a high price, and their living conditions are not the best.